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19 November 2013

IOC adds Iconic’s Reach & Wash Zero Windows Cleaning System to fleet

We have now added a Reach & Wash system to our equipment portfolio. The Zero is a pure water window cleaning system and is one of the most advanced ‘Pure water Window Cleaning Systems’. Manufactured in the UK it can be used for cleaning windows, solar panels and other high-level surfaces quickly, efficiently and with little environmental impact.

Now for the science part. Why it works.

Since the introduction of these systems fifteen years ago Ionic's new 'Zero' produces ultra pure water at zero parts per billion (0ppb). Water at 0ppb is one thousand times purer than water at 0ppm and because pure water cleans by dissolving dirt ions, it follows that water at 0ppb is capable of dissolving 1,000 times more dirt than water of 0ppm.

Other systems remove only dissolved solids from the water supply, uniquely the Zero removes both dissolved solids and all organics as well as bacteria from the water supply. The result is not only water that is 1,000 times purer but also ultra pure water that is free from micro-organisms such as legionella bacteria and the organic matter that bacteria feeds upon.