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General Office Cleaning in London

Clean offices say a lot about your company and the image you present to visitors and staff alike. A clean office environment affects the health and productivity of your employees and can reduce staff sickness.

The average desktop has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet bowl, simply because people don't usually clean their desks on a regular basis, Around one third of office surfaces have viruses and bacteria which may cause colds and flu, with the worst offender being office phones.. Viruses such as the flu can survive for two or three days on desktops, phones, and computer keyboards so regular cleaning is important

At Image Office Cleaning we specialise in office cleaning across the City and West End of London. In addition our rapid response teams are able to be on site within half an hour to deal with any cleaning emergency that may arise. We are able to advise on the type and frequency of cleaning that will best meet your needs and your budget. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote.

Please call 020 7790 7400 to discuss your requirements.




We provide a comprehensive range of Office Cleaning Services in London all delivered to the highest standards; whatever your requirement, whether it is general cleaning or a specialist service.

Please call 020 7790 7400 to discuss your requirements.

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